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Internationale skoler
Startet af: Kristian Johnsen

13-05-2012 22:01 

Ny national konference på SkoleKom

Internationale skoler

Welcome to our conference for International Schools in Denmark.  

As we are so few - even nationwide - I think I speak for all when I say we have a desperate need for a platform where we can share materials, ask questions, find answers, and just keep in touch.  This is now possible through this conference so please don’t hesitate and in advance I’ll thank you all for your contribution.  As input will come along I – as the current administrator – will file these under primary, secondary, advanced, and of course according to subjects.  Hope this will be a great help to us all!

The conference is located under Nationale konferencer > FSK

Best Regards,
Lone Henriksen,
Teacher at Skt. Josefs School
Danish and International Department

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